Environment Research

The Environment Research Programme
The Environment Research Programme serves as an integral part of the Programmes of the National Environment Agency. The programme is constituted to better address the increasingly complex environmental challenges of the 21st century. It is charged with the responsibility of implementation of environmental research activities. In addition, the programme is expected to provide scientific research support to the National Environment Agency for informed decision making. The programme's is supported by Environment Research Technical Working Group tasked to provide guidance in implementation of environment research activities. The primary goal of the ER Programme is to provide the Agency, government, and the general public with scientific information for informed decision making and interventions. The programme will contribute in improving the environment by identifying and providing best environmental practices.
The Environment Research comprises Programme Manager, Senior Program Officer, Program Officer, Senior Program Assistants, and Program Assistant. The program is headed by a Program Manager, assisted by Senior Program Officer as a technical implementing personnel of the Program that is supported by the Program officer and Assistant Program Officer.

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