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National Cleansing Day

The last National Cleansing Day (NCD), formerly called Operation Clean the Nation, took place on Saturday 29th July, 2017. The NCD will now take place once every two (2) months, from 8 am to 12 pm.

 The next NCD should be held before the 18th February, 2018.


The Operation Clean the Nation (OCN) dubbed the “Setsettal” was spearheaded by Former President of The Republic of The Gambia and the Chairman of the National Environment Management Council (N.E.M.C.), Yahya Jammeh. It is a monthly cleansing exercise that promotes a clean and healthy environment free of litter and other refuse.

Over the years, the citizenry have been sensitized on the importance of positive attitudinal change and in keeping a clean and healthy environment for all. In this regards, the Anti-Littering Regulations 2007 is being enforced to ensure a litter free, clean and healthy environment.

Thereupon, the Agency has provided a total of 545 sanitary tools ranging from dustbins, spades, hayforks, rakes, cutlasses and brooms to Regional Governors in the drive to decentralize the OCN.

Furthermore, the Ban on Plastic Bags Order 2015, bans the manufacturing, importation, retailing and use of plastic bags in The Gambia. Moreover, this helps to mitigate the threats resulting from the plastic waste menace that negatively affects people, flora and fauna.

Hitherto, the NEA and the Judiciary continue working together on the Special Environmental Courts initiative for a speedy prosecution of environmental offenders as in line with the enforcement of the Anti-Littering Regulations 2007 and the Ban on Plastic Bags Order 2015.




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