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GHS Project

It is a country wide project under the auspices of the Technical Services of the NEA.

 "Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)", addresses classification of chemicals by types of hazard and proposes harmonized hazard communication elements, including labels and safety data sheets.

 It aims at ensuring that information on physical hazards and toxicity from chemicals be available in order to enhance the protection of human health and the environment during the handling, transport and use of these chemicals. The GHS also provides a basis for harmonization of rules and regulations on chemicals at national, regional and worldwide level, an important factor also for trade facilitation.

The Benefits

 Ensure that employers, employees and the public are provided with adequate, practical, reliable and comprehensible information on the hazards of chemicals so as to take effective preventive and protective measures for their health and safety.

 Thus implementing effective hazard communication provides benefits for governments, workers and members of the public.

 As proposed by UNITAR, The Gambia signed an MOA with UNITAR/ILO in 2005 to address human resources issues regarding chemicals hazard communication.

 Achieve the sound management of chemicals throughout their life-cycle so that, by 2020, chemicals are used and produced in ways that lead to minimization of significant adverse effects on human health and the environment.

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