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Environmental Quality Standards

The Environmental Quality Programme seeks to improve the quality of the environment by monitoring and enforcing regulations to prevent pollution. The Programme is of central importance to the improvement of the quality of life of all Gambians.

The Environmental Quality Monitoring (EQM) Programme treats the environment as a whole and therefore looks at the quality of all environment compartments which include air, water, land and the activities that impact on them, particularly industrial emissions, water and solid waste.


In monitoring environmental quality and enforcing regulations, and integrated approach, referred to as The Integrated Pollution Control System (IPC) will be adopted. This system looks at the environment as a whole and not as different compartments. This will ensure that pollution problems will be dealt with wholly and would ensure that pollution problems will be solved rather than moved from one compartment to the other. The integrated approach also looks at the whole process, from raw materials, process technology, end products and wastes and is not limited to end of pipe monitoring.


Pollution of air, water and land is detrimental to human health and the environment. It should therefore be ensured that pollution is prevented and where it cannot be prevented, it is minimized so that people and the environment are not harmed by it. In meeting the above objective, the following activities are central to the Quality Programme:

  1. Drawing up an Action plan for monitoring and setting priorities.
  2. Coordination of the preparation of a monitoring programme.
  3. Preparation of procedures, standards, guidelines for environmental quality.
  4. Implementation of mechanisms for control of general environmental pollution based on acceptable standards and guidelines.
  5. Strengthening of the Inspectorate.
  6. Setting up of Public Complaints Bureau.
  7. Establishing multi-disciplinary working groups relevant to environmental quality
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