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NEA Displeased Over Display of Chemicals in “Lumos”


NEA Displeased Over Display of Chemicals in “Lumos”






The National Environment Agency (NEA) through its Inter-Sectoral Network Director, Momodou Jama Suwareh, has said that the Agency is deeply concerned with the way chemicals were displayed on sale at the “Lumo” (Trade Fair),  in the Central River Region.


In a surprise inspection to a local “Lumo” at Kaur during its joint nationwide tour with legislators of the National Assembly Select Committee on Environment (NASCE), it became evident that persistent organic pollutants chemicals, known as POPs, were openly displayed on tables for sale by local vendors, whom, authorities said have expired licenses.


“It’s a very big concern for us, we do licensing every year, but unfortunately when we came, the licenses we saw with these people were 2015,” said Mr. Suwareh.


He warned that the chemicals should not be displayed on tables just like that, pointing out that they need to put them in transparent containers and be put outside where the food sellers are not available.


He further warned that chemical vendors must be licensed and would be advised for the proper management of chemicals that they are selling.


By Bekai Njie


Daily Observer




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