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ACCC Project

ADAPTATION TO COASTAL & CLIMATE CHANGE (ACCC) PROJECT main intervention is at Greater Banjul Area (GBA), Lamin and Tanji West Coast Region; coordinated by Mr. Dodou Trawally Senior Programme Officer Environmental Information System (SPO EIS).


 Project is sub-regional with five participating countries as follows: Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania, Senegal & The Gambia.


 The project is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) at US$473, 200 for each country for the period January 2009 to December 2011. The other four countries have similar funding for the same period.


 The goal of the Project, guided by the GEF Operational Guidelines for Strategic Priority “Piloting an Operational Approach to Adaptation” is “to reduce vulnerability and to increase adaptive capacity to the adverse effects of climate change in the focal areas in which the GEF work” in this case climate change.


 As a contribution to the goal, the objective is: “to develop and pilot a range of effective coping mechanisms for reducing the impact of climate change induced coastal erosion in vulnerable regions in the five participating countries.


 To achieve the objective, the Project will pursue four outcomes as listed below:

 pilot activities to increase the adaptive capacity and resilience of coastline ecosystems in regions vulnerable to climate change impacts implemented;

 climate change and adaptation issues and coastal area management policies and programmes integrated;

 monitoring of coastal erosion and capacity building in coastal management and planning enhanced;

 Learning, evaluation, and adaptive management increased.


The project commenced in March 2009 with the appointment of a national project coordinator; implementation of activities commenced in July 2009. At the regional inception meeting of the Project in November 2008, Dakar, Senegal, it was agreed that for Outcome 1, which is relative to the implementation of demonstration actions, countries should implement for the first year an activity that they identified in this regard that is a demonstrative/pilot activity. For the Gambia this was the construction of an Ecotourism Camp as an alternative livelihood for the communities of Brufut, Ghanatown, Madyana and Tanjeh. Countries were also required, for the first year, to conduct intensive stakeholder (beneficiaries of the pilot activity) awareness programs, which the Gambia fully accomplished in August – September 2009.

Key Activities of 2009

 Construction of Ecotourism Camp at Tanji Bird Reserve

 Community Sensitization

 Study on Mangrove Restoration

 Study on Coastal Sand Dunes Stabilization

 Study on Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM)

 Production of Video on Climate Change in The Gambia

 Boundary Demarcation of Tanbi Wetland Complex (TWC)

Key Activities for 2010

 Completion of Camp (utilities & dining)

 Mangrove Restoration at TWC

 Protection of Sand Dunes (Kartong old mines)

 Community Sensitization (EIA & Anti-littering)

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