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NEA establishes Media Production Center, Featuring State of the Art Equipment and Facilities

Each organization has its own unique functions and to achieve these objectives, the essential part is the organizational structure and its human resource has to be enhanced. Under its guidance & direction of the management, the National Environment Agency (NEA) with its mandate to coordinate environmental activities has establishes a Media Production Centre with the State of the Art Equipment and Facilities. The Media Centre is set up with the objectives to produce in-house quality educational and visibility programmes for awareness creation on the environment. The Centre is armed with trained manpower & state of the art equipment that is ensured to produce quality photos, videos & other multimedia productions based on program needs and as per requests. These advanced equipment permits staff to further explore sophisticated options for video and audio editing in a space oriented to its programs of operation. The Media Production Centre is a one Stop-shop for the production of Educational and awareness creation materials including flyers, Calendars, Brochures, Printing of T-Shirts, caps, ornamental designs, photo/video shopping and documentary production and graphic design programmes. The Center will create a home for learning and production and to flourish it`s creativity for sustaining its operation and raise funds for the agency. This investment will help generate income/funds for the institution to support her own operations and support new programs, ensuring that the national environment protection agency have the ability to compete in the media markets without impediment.