Inspectorate is a critical unit of the Agency primarily responsible for enforcement of various legislations under the purview of the National Environment Agency (NEA). The Unit is currently headed by Ag. Principal Environment Inspector. There are currently ten (10) legislations enforces by the Inspectorate Unit. These includes

  1. National Environmental Management Act (NEMA 1994).
  2. Hazardous Chemical Pesticides Control Management Act (1994)
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations – 2014
  4. Anti-littering Regulations – 2007
  5. Environmental Discharge (Permitting) Regulations – 1999
  6. Environmental Quality Standards Regulations – 1999
  7. Ozone Depleting Substances Regulations – 1999
  8. Hazardous Chemical Regulations – 1999
  9. Pesticides Registration and Licensing Regulations – 1994
  10. Ban on Plastic Bags Order – 2015

As at date 4th January 2022, the unit has issued or served one hundred and twenty-one (121) Improvement Notices (IN) or Demand for Compliance (DFC) within Greater Banjul Area (GBA). This is an Administrative Responses (AR) aimed at advising, guiding, counselling or warning individuals, private companies and government institutions found to be in Environmental Insolence. The compliance level of cited defaulters is gauged to impressive. This has resulted to low Judicial Sanction (JS) aimed at litigation or adjudication (court hearings) as last resort of the enforcement procedure.

The human resource strength of the inspectorate across the country is currently pegged at twenty-six (26) personnel including Acting Principal Environment Inspector (Ag. PEI – 1), Senior Environment Inspector (SEI – 9) and Environment Inspector (EI – 16).