The National Environment Agency provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Laboratory and Media services for its stakeholders and the public. These are briefly discussed under the following relevant sections.

GIS Center

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Unit at the Agency provides the following services:

  • Trainings on GIS
  • Data collection for stakeholders
  • Mapping of areas of interest for stakeholders
  • Map production for stakeholders and interested parties upon request
  • Printing of maps

For service enquiries, please contact:
Programme Officer
Phone number: 3928474


The National Environment Agency Chemicals and Pesticides Laboratory was established under S. (34)(1) of the HC&PCM Act 1994 to perform the following:

  • Chemicals analysis on pesticides formulation and other chemicals substances prior to their clearance and use.
  • Analysis to monitor pollutants in all environmental matrices (i.e. water, soil, and air).

For service enquiries, please contact:
Programme Officer
Phone number: 3928474

Currently, the laboratory is equipped with:

  • GC- µECD
  • FID & FPD
  • GC-MS
  • Portable FTIR
  • Water quality monitoring devices like the oxygen meter, pH meter, conductivity meter, and others.

For service enquiries, please contact:
Registrar of Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides
Phone number: 3940633 / 6230633

Media Unit

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has established a Media Production Centre with State-of-the-Art Equipment and Facilities.

The Media Centre has been setup with the following objective:

To produce in-house quality educational and visibility programmes for awareness creation on the environment.

The Centre, in addition to having the required equipment and tools, is armed with enough trained manpower to produce quality photos, videos & other multimedia productions based on program needs and requests.

The Media Production Centre is a one Stop-shop to produce educational and awareness creation materials including:

Printing of T-Shirts
Ornamental designs
Photo/Video shopping and documentary production
Graphic design

The Center creates a conducive home for learning and production.

For service enquiries, please contact:
Senior Programme Officer
Phone number: 3744700 /7973363